The words. Why did they have to exist? Without them, there wouldn’t be any of this
- Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

“You’re not sent out into the world as a tablespoon of salt. You’re sent out fully ablaze in the fire of the Holy Spirit.

“Don’t passively wait for God to start talking to you. Say hello, begin the conversation and start talking with God.”

“Never be ashamed of asking for more of God within yourself.”

“When you are specific in your prayers, you uncover the limitations of your faith.”

“Let the anticipation of your promise be the beating of your heart.”

“Faith is simply saying yes to what God placed inside you.”

“Don’t be afraid to pray with your eyes open. God may just want you to witness the miracle.”

“Be proud of who you are. You’re the only you God created.”

“Internal transformation occurs when you give less attention to the words you don’t want to hear and ore attention to the tenderness in the voice which speaks them.”

“The fruit you bear in this season contain the seeds you’ll plant in the next.”

“A pencil grows dull when it ceases to lose part of itself in the refinement of the sharpener. The message of your life is most clearly written when you say yes to peeling away the wood in order to expose the lead underneath.”

“Don’t wait for God to place the door of your dreams in front of you; find its address, walk up on the front porch and ring the doorbell.”

“God’s heart is not found when He meets our needs, but rather when He grants us our desires.”

“Don’t seek the miracle so you can trust. Seek the miracle because you trust.”

“We marvel at the distanced satellites in space, forgetting every step we take is upon unchartered mysteries.”

“You are the promise of God’s word.”

“We often say God can do the impossible. But if God can do it, is it really impossible?”

“Pray with confidence. Seek with expectation.”

“Light is most easily noticed when it shines through the darkness; but light shines brightest when nothing is in its way.”

“Let your prayers tell a story.”

“We weren’t made to toss quarters in the wishing well. We were made to drink from it.”

“Don’t be afraid to be like a balloon caught in the wind.”

“Some of the greatest wonders could be directly under our feet. We just need to dig a little.”

“Dreams are not meant to be hoped for. They are meant to be incredibly obtainable.”